The oldest surviving monument in Chisinau is the monument to the renowned Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Pushkin isn’t celebrated in Moldova merely because Moldova was once part of the Russian Empire and Moldova’s identity is intertwined with Russian culture, but moreso because Pushkin was exiled to Bessarabia and lived in Chisinau for 3 years from 1820-1823. Modern-day Moldovans are not even put-off by the claim that Pushkin once said of Chisinau, “accursed town of Kishinev, to abuse you the tongue will grow tired” (Charles King, The Moldovans, 23). He has been celebrated in Stefan cel Mare Park (formerly Pushkin Park) since 1886 and with the Pushkin House Museum, the location where he wrote classics such as The Prisoner of the Caucasus.

Source: Archival documents at the Agency for the Inspection and Restoration of Monuments in Moldova