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Oral History: Using Voice as Evidence in the Digital Age

In the beginning…

International Oral History and Technology

This project began as an attempt to answer the question of whether digital tools could or could not be used to conduct international oral history interviews to replace historians having to travel in order to conduct interviews in person.  Instead, this project evolved into an exploration of how digital tools have changed the products of the research in the field of oral history.

Oral historians, unlike many traditional historians, have been quick to adapt to changes in technology and have adopted new technologies in the conducting of interviews.  Newer technologies have generally made the process of conducting interviews much simpler; therefore, like Microsoft Word or Zotero for the traditional historian, these tools are rapidly embraced by oral historians.  So the use of paper and pen evolved to the use of a tape recorder, which evolved to the use of the video camera, which evolved to the use of digital recorders, and so on.

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Walking through the Past: Historical Apps and Baltimore Heritage

Explore Baltimore Heritage App

Explore Baltimore Heritage App

If you are anything like me, most of your interaction with the digital world is conducted through a smartphone and a plethora of apps, or applications. The introduction of the smartphone to the public forever altered the way we view and engage technology. Today, we can use our mobile phones in numerous ways to ease the navigation of daily life. As we all know, there is an app for everything and the field of history is no exception.

There is no shortage of imagination in the creation of history apps, as outlined in HistoryToday’s article, “Digital History: Tapping into the Past.” The innovation in history apps is exciting, especially those that utilize  AR or “augmented reality.” Currently, one of the most common types of history apps are those pithily titled “map apps,” that act as an accompaniment to historic walking tours. These “map apps” are great for participating in heritage tourism and are useful to any history enthusiast – whether a student, teacher, traveler, or history “fan.”

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…One Giant Leap for Me

Taking in the streets of Amsterdam

Hello! You might recognize me by my busted backpack or my love of cheese.

I graduated from UMBC in May with my B.A. in History and International Affairs and I am the former president of the History Student Council (P.S. if you haven’t joined HSC yet, what are you waiting for?).  I returned this semester to take a digital history course because:  A) I just couldn’t quit UMBC cold turkey and B) digital skills are incredibly important for the future of the history field and sometimes I feel like I have next to none.

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